Cleanwind is a small but expanding company formed to meet the demand for experienced technicians in the Wind industry. Our key figures have worked in the wind turbine industry for many years building a vast experience in operation and maintenance of Windfarms and have a proven track record of working with major utilities. As a dynamically led business Cleanwind is ideally placed to support this rapidly growing market.

Based at the heart of the low carbon region, Argyll, Cleanwind carry out work across the UK and Ireland and currently have technicians based in Campbeltown, Glasgow, Cumbria and Northern Ireland.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior services that will increase the productivity and profitability of their turbines, in a diligent and professional manner with the least environmental impact possible. These services include blade cleaning, inspection and repair. We have also experience with main component removal & replacement, main component condition monitoring, annual servicing and carry out underground cable detection.

We have worked with main blade manufactures in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Denmark where we carried out our initial and refresher blade repair training. We have experience in polyester and epoxy repairs on stall regulated and variable pitched blades. We have also carried out blade tip removal, operational fault finding, tip cable replacement and tip closure timing adjustment.

We currently provide blade cleaning teams throughout the UK and Southern Ireland to tackle the ongoing issue of dirty blades, nacelle’s and tower sections. Our cleaning practice ensures that all damage concealed behind years of operational dirt, grease and algae growth is disclosed and reported back to the client. We work hard to ensure we use cleaning agents which best suit the environment we are surrounded by, using the most environmentally friendly products available. We work closely with our suppliers who provide us with specifically designed washing units to meet our needs.

Cleanwind also provide additional man power to Windfarm owner/operators as well as various leading O&M companies throughout the UK & Ireland, such as Scottish Power, RWE Innogy.

With a growing pool of experienced technicians at various levels of authorisation Cleanwind is capable of supplying extra manpower to support our customer’s needs and requirements.

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Company Owners

Paul Quinn
Director of Business Development

I began my Wind turbine career 19 years ago as a general labourer on a wind farm construction site. Originally as a two week job this turned into two months then over three years later I moved into wind turbine maintenance.

Since my initial starting point, I have worked on many wind turbine makes and models throughout the world and have progressed to Director of Cleanwind Ltd were I lead the Business Development Team as well as actively remaining part of the Cleanwind turbine maintenance and management teams throughout the Uk.

paul quinn cleanwind business development manager
neil quinn operations manager

Neil Quinn
Director of General Operations

With over 12 years’ experience on Windfarms I began as a Wind turbine technician in Cumbria.

I have progressed my way as Wind turbine technician, engineer and I am now the Operations Manager within Cleanwind.

As director of Cleanwind Ltd. I am actively part of the daily running of the business from assisting the maintenance teams throughout the UK to planning the operational long-term goals and requirements of our company.



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